Installation guide

Installation of Terrasofta chippings is very easy. We would suggest to install the chippings same way as you would install ordinary wood bark

1.Make a pit or frame to the required size. Ideally spread a permeable underlay within this area to discourage any earth, weed or grass growing through.

2. Choose your required depth - in many play situations 50mm per sq metre will suffice, depending on your play equipment but the table below shows you the stringent BS EN 11773 : 2008.

3. Spread Terrasofta evenly, making sure any rigid framework is well outside the likely area of fall - enjoy terrasofta all year round.


Material / Sample Number

Rubber loose fill

Test Standard:

BS EN 1177:2008


Externally testing was conducted on a mature lawn sub-base.

Internal testing was conducted in controlled laboratory environment on concrete sub-base


Tested on concrete sub-base


50mm deep loose fill - CFH = 0.6m

100mm deep loose fill - CFH = 1.8m

150mm deep loose fill - CFH = 6.4m

Tested on mature lawn sub-base


50mm deep loose fill - CFH = 1.6m

100mm deep loose fill - CFH = 2.5m