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No orders being taken until after June 1st. Thank you

Rubber Chippings & Rubber Mulch by Terrasofta are perfect products for making play areas, domestic and commercial.

Long lasting Terrasofta play surface is safe, easy to maintain and durable.

Doesn’t just protect kids from serious injury;¬†the Hygienilac antibacterial coating protects children from all manner of nasty bugs that inhabit play areas.

Terrasofta Rubber Chippings & Rubber Mulch make an excellent alternative to all wood chip applications. It is clean, colourful, environmentally friendly and most of all FUN

  • "Just to let you know we are thrilled with terrasofta. We have tried woodchip and find your product infinitely cleaner plus it requires virtually no maintenance." Jonathan Simpson, Parks & Ground Supervisor.

    Hatchwood Park – Grade 1 listed grounds
  • "Brilliant product - hasn't required any maintenance in 6 months." Paul Esterhuizen, Senior Park Manager.

    Windsor Great Park – The Guards Polo Club

Rubber Chickens? No! Rubber Chippings

Newbie chicken keeper
Geoff Henshall
battles with the Welsh mud producing weather
and is installing rubber chippings.
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