Rubber Play Chippings are perfect for play areas and landscaping. With premium Terrasofta recycled rubber play chippings you are sure not to be disappointed. 

Rubber Chippings are clean, colourful, environmentally friendly and, most of all, they are fun.

(Lead time is approx 4-5 working days)

Long lasting Terrasofta premium rubber play chippings surface is above all safe, easy to maintain and durable. Doesn't just protect kids from serious injury; the Hygienilac coating certainly protects children from all manner of nasty bugs that inhabit play areas.

Terrasofta ticks all the right boxes, when compared to all others.

CLEANEST = SAFEST AVAILABLE Tested to help protect kids from falls up to massive 6.4 metres.

  • No car or truck tyres.
  • Almost fibre and dust free.
  • Pure soft rubber.
  • Absolutely wire free.
  • Child friendly, non toxic and hygienic, kills harmful bacteria Antibacterial coating Top quality water based dye FROM HYGIENILAC.
  • Antibacterial coating top quality water based dye from HYGIENILAC meets BS EN7 3:1995 including A1:2000 (Safety of toys Part 3 Migration of certain elements).
  • Terrasofta meets the latest BS EN 1177: 2008 (impact absorption of play surfaces).
  • Fast dispatch time – all orders between 5 working days Flexible delivery date*.
  • Soft and springy - better impact absorption.
  • Safe for pets.
  • Premium quality without premium price.
  • Great look and natural colours.
  • Easy to install and virtually maintenance free.
  • Dries quickly after rain.
  • No regular top ups - buy it, install it, enjoy it all year round.
  • Won't deteriorate, splinter or decompose, whatever the weather Barefoot friendly.